Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh Karma!

Back in May, my office was moved into a new building. It is in a less than ideal location, but it was so fun to see the little family of woodchucks that was living under the catwalk that I had to go through to get to the other building every day. 

I mean, really, aren't these guys cute?!

My coworkers are odd...because this showed up on the windowsill of the new building. You know, in case we want to do a little light reading.

Sadly, a few short weeks later, this showed up:

It's a little hard to see... but that's a trap. :( I am going to hope that the woodchuck family was trapped and released. Yeah, yeah, let's go with that.

 And this is where Karma kicks in. After Mr & Mrs Woodchuck and family went missing, some of these guys moved in.

 Not surprisingly, this showed up on the windowsill a few days later.

I can't make this stuff up, people.

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