Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Breaking My Own Rules

I'm just going to admit it. I don't like wearing sneakers with jeans. I just don't. There are a few situations where I deem it acceptable like camping, hiking, or say when you are at Disney and walking for an entire day. But beyond that. It's not ok.  I warned you I was crazy.

For the past several weeks my feet have been hurting. I don't know if it's the high heels, the longer walk to my office, or running a half marathon without much training (stupid!) that did it. But whatever it was the result is that my feet are PISSED. They even hurt when I am sitting. The last run I did happened to be 6 miles of trail running on July 12th. My right foot bothered me so much I had to walk a lot of the last 2 miles. In the woods. In 95 degree weather. With barely any water. Being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Sigh.  Good times.

I rested last week, but the feet still hurt.

This is what I have resorted to:

I'm not happy about it, but I have two trail races coming up in September and they are looming over my head. I am signed up for the Jay Peak Trail Running Festival 25K (15 miles) on Labor Day weekend, followed by the Spartan Beast at Killington. The Beast is a 13 mile trail race with obstacles like jumping over fire, scaling walls & spear throwing.  Maybe wearing sneakers with good support will help my feet feel better.

Because here's the thing, while I am scared to death of The Beast. I am DETERMINED to finish, if not for myself, then for my friend Christie who just last week at age 32 was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Christie and I met through the elementary school. Her daughter was in Corey's K, 1st and now 2nd grade class. Her son will be on the same K team as Alexandra. While I haven't known her that long, I have quickly realized that she is the kind of friend that everyone should have. She is generous, smart, organized (though she claims she's not), she makes parenting look EASY (though she thinks she doesn't), and she is funny. She makes me laugh every day with her facebook posts about the funny little people she's raising. I'm not sure she realizes that she is part of how I survived last summer. She arranged a meal train for us. She sent Corey gifts for his crappy, in-PICU 6th birthday. She is AWESOME.

And honestly, I think cancer picked the wrong girl. Because she is going to kick some ass.  She is going to beat this, and I have no doubt she will do so without losing her sense of humor or spilling her drink. So, if she can face a mastectomy and chemo with grace and humor, the least I can do is drag my butt over some obstacles for a 13 mile race in her honor. She's the real Spartan.

So yeah, I'll break my own rule. For Christie.

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